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Exim Avenue Corporation is here to serve you for your requirements. Our purpose is to make things easier and hassle free. We have the expertise to deliver the best quality of Canadian made foods products and other commodities. We take pride in providing export solutions to companies in a diverse range of industries on a global scale.

With specialized backgrounds and extensive training in the global trade beyond a product or industry we offer unmatched levels of customer service to every one of our clients with out attention to detail, consistent delivery, and personalized services.

Exim Avenue Corporation (EAC) is an international trade company specializing in providing export-import, distribution, and trading services.

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What We Offer

If your business or home requires amazing quality food products at an unbeatable market price, you have come to the right place.

EAC offers incredible service and products to the overseas community and is happy to do the same for you. Give us a call to see what's in stock.

Goodness in Variety

We provide all kinds of pet foods. Ensure the nutrition and freshness for your pet's food with Canadian made quality.




Exim Avenue operate worldwide with networks in Logistics, Sourcing & Quality Control. With our partners & agents worldwide, we got coverage from North to SouthAmerica, from Europe to Africa and from Middle East to Far East Asia.

Quality & Customer Satisfaction

We bring expertise, knowledge, quality, new products, research and development. Our goal is to source the product from the ideal producer at the best lowest price. Exim Avenue believes in providing top-notch customer service and we ensure that each order is handled with professionalism throughout the process.

Match Local Partners

We partner with local distributors and increase range of products to match customers preference and offer promotions. We also create a joint venture with an existing medium-sized company with a similar product.



From Demand to Supply

Exim Avenue Corporation strives to provide exceptional service to our global customers for their requirement. We are continuously working with our sources to produce the best quality products and solution to meet market demand. With the help of our logistics partner & network of contacts we strive to find the best shipping option for our valuable customers that reduces the travel time and cost as well.

Our knowledge about costing & managing the process of purchasing, shipping, documentation & delivery makes us a reliable trading partner for all your needs.